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Welcome to the Dakota Nursing Program!

The demand for qualified, caring, and nurturing nurses is critical throughout North Dakota - most visibly in its rural area. The vision of the Dakota Nursing Program is to respond to the nursing needs of the people of North Dakota by delivering a high-quality nursing educational program to students through innovative instruction. Students can study close to home without uprooting families and find employment where they reside upon completion of their degrees.

The Dakota Nursing Program is a nursing education consortium made possible through the collaborative efforts of four state colleges: Bismarck State College (BSC), Lake Region State College (LRSC), Dakota College at Bottineau (DCB), and Williston State College (WSC). We are educating more than 200 future practical nurses and associate degree nurses (two-year registered nurses) each year at the four colleges who work together within the Dakota Nursing Program. The Dakota Nursing Program is fully approved by the North Dakota Board of Nursing.

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The program is structured to provide a foundation for career paths for future leaders in nursing practice and to prepare lifelong learners who demonstrate knowledge, skill, critical thinking and flexibility. Dakota Nursing Program students are able to move quickly from certified nursing assistants to the one year Practical Nurse certificate and on to a two year Associate (RN) Nurse degree. Students are educationally prepared to continue on to a four year BSN degree and beyond.

The four state colleges continue to collaborate to deliver nursing education with a common curriculum. Currently, didactic courses are delivered over the Interactive Video Network (IVN) to the four state colleges and distance education sites located in Rugby, Minot, New Town, Hazen, Harvey, Mayville, and Valley City. Additional distance education sites have been offered throughout the consortium and vary from year to year. These sites have included Langdon, Cooperstown, Carrington, Grafton, Northwood, and the Burdick Job Corps in Minot. Clinical courses and laboratory experiences are coordinated and delivered by each college and/or site locally. The Dakota Nursing Program is administered by one Nursing Director and a Nursing Coordinator located at each of the four colleges along with nursing faculty and staff.

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Dakota Nursing Program faculty and staff strive to explore and utilize best practices in distant education to create environments that promote student learning. Educational experiences are continually assessed to assure that graduates are highly competent and prepared for a variety of nursing practice roles. Opportunities for nurses with an Associate Degree (RN) and certificate Practical Nurses (LPN) exist in a variety of healthcare settings.

On behalf of the faculty and staff, I invite you to become a part of our program to pursue your personal and professional goals. You will find extraordinary individuals who share a common goal of serving others through caring, safe and effective nursing practice.

We hope you will join us!

     Julie Traynor, MS, RN, Nursing Director
     Dakota Nursing Program
     1801 College Drive North
     Devils Lake, ND 58301
     Phone: (701) 662-1492